Outreach: Living Waters


"I would like to thank the St. Peter's Community for your kindnesses and generosity. It is obvious to me that you care about the teens/tweens and children of the eastside community... thanks again for all you have done and all you are doing to help others.

W.W. Law Library Branch Manager Sandra McKiver

St. Peter's newest initiative encompasses the length of Waters Avenue . . . it includes all the cadres of Jesus' family that live along the way . . . our initial hope is to create relationships  with the people living in every block . . . engaging in conversations, which have already begun . . .

As members of the Outreach committee conduct a "listening tour" along Waters Avenue, we are meeting with those who are running schools, churches and social service organizations along the road from St. Peter's to the street's north end at Williams Elementary School. Our goal is to become neighbors, good neighbors, who have much to learn as we get to know one another. The insights that are coming out of these early conversations will help to shape our outreach and provide meaningful parish involvement. 

Contact Mal Welch at meredithwelch@gmail.com for more information.

Living Waters: A call for Legos!

The young people using the Live Oak Public Library at WW Law Community Center, which is located in the lowest income zip code in Savannah, have gone bonkers for constructing with Lego sets. A family foundation funded some, but their popularity meant that  kids were waiting in line to use them. St. Peter's parishioners responded with sets that their children and grandchildren had played with and the children of WW Law reaped a bounty of Lego blocks.

Lego Group.jpg
Lego Group II.jpg

From the librarian at W.W.Law after getting the most recent Lego delivery: "The kids have really benefited in so many ways...their  social skills are improving greatly, they are not as shy and reserved as they once were when we have an unfamiliar guest; they know that you and your extended family care; you've helped to build confidence in their own ability when they accomplish LEGO projects; and most importantly, they have been exposed to kindness and generosity up close--a lesson that I pray they will take with them in life and practice towards others.
The kids had a wonderful afternoon with the new LEGOS.
. . . Thanks a million times over for "Building Dreams One Brick at a Time".

Do you have a Lego set, with all its pieces and the instruction manual? Do your children? If you or they are willing to part with them, bring them to the church office and we will get them to WW Law. Thanks!