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Angel Tree 2020, our annual Christmas outreach project, has launched. Just like last year, we have wish lists from teachers at Hesse School and Bethesda Academy and from children served by Family Promise and Safe Shelter. The St. Peter’s family is being asked, once again, to respond to the needs of Savannah’s underserved children.
Unlike last year, we have the added challenge this year of picking our “angels” off websites and shopping online. All gifts requested have been posted on one of two St. Peter’s Angel Tree websites. Directions are below for shopping on the sites.
For parishioners who get lost navigating the websites, help is available. Call Susan Homar (202-744-9446), Mal Welch (912-508-5887) or Susanne Evangelista (912-598-7242:10 am - 2 pm, Mon-Thu).

Please plan on completing your shopping by November 27.
Wrapped and tagged gifts are to be dropped off at the St. Peter’s GIFT PARADE on Sunday, December 7, between 1 and 4.

Your generosity this year speaks loudly about who we are as a congregation. Thank you.

NOTE: If you prefer to make a donation, we will do the shopping for you. Make checks payable to St. Peter’s with Angel Tree 2020 in the memo line. Drop your check in the mailbox outside the Parish Hall as early as possible, but no later than November 27. Sue Addington and her team will take it from there.
IMPORTANT: Special St. Peter’s gift tags are being printed and will be available for pick up outside the Parish Hall soon. It is extremely important that you tag your gift(s) with the name of the person(s) (teacher or child) who requested it. It helps to make a note of the name of those you are buying for as you are shopping.

Two sites will be used for gift-buying for the children:

          1)   Myregistry.com has teacher wish lists (Hesse and Bethesda) and some Safe Shelter requests.
            Because teachers have multiple requests, they are listed by teacher name. Start by picking one teacher. Buy as much as you wish for that one—makes wrapping and tagging your gift much easier! Where requests are for large ticket items, we do not expect everything to be purchased by one person. It may take several people to complete a request.
            Safe Shelter requests are listed by the item requested. They are mostly gift cards and you will see the name of the child when you click on the item. Please ask for a “hard” version of the card so that it can be wrapped and tagged. And, again, note the name and age, so you can put that on the gift tag.
          2)   Jotform.com is organized by organization (Family Promise and Safe Shelter) and then by child’s name and age.
            All Family Promise requests are for school uniforms which can be purchased online at Amazon, Target or Walmart. Uniform pants are khaki and shirts must be white.
            Some Safe Shelter requests are for uniforms too, so be sure to note the name of the child and whether the gift is going to Family Promise or Safe Shelter.  Again, having that information on the gift tag will help us get it to the right place.
            A handful of Safe Shelter requests are for age-appropriate learning books. Parishioners Patty Morgan (598-8270) and Kathryn McLearn (598-4520) can assist with ideas, or you can shop by recommended ages on Amazon or Scholastic Books.


This Myregistry.com link
 will take you to Saint Peter’s Angel Tree. (NO sign in necessary.)
1.   Select the "All Gifts" drop down menu. You will see the names of 20 Hesse teachers listed by name, the words “Safe Shelter” and 10 Bethesda teachers, listed by name. (If “All Gifts” is not showing, select the “Filter & Sorting” box to pull it up.)
2.   To see what a teacher has requested, open that name. The various items requested will show up.
3.   Select which items you want to buy and click on the green BUY button. Follow the directions from Amazon for purchase.
4.   If there is nothing you wish to buy for that teacher, move back to the full list by tapping the teacher’s name and try another name.
5.   Once you have made your purchase(s), return to the myregistry.com site, go to the item(s) you purchased and underneath the “Buy at Amazon” box, click “I bought this gift already.” Please note this important step for keeping the registry up to date!

This jotform link
 will take you to St. Peter’s Angel Tree Gifts.
1.   Fill in the boxes at the top with your name and email.
2.   Click to select a child’s name with details of uniform size.
3.   Go to the bottom of the form and click the green “Submit” button.
4.   Buy your gift at the website of your choice. Suggested sites for uniforms are Amazon, Target or Walmart, and for books, Amazon or Scholastic.
Reminder: All gifts need to selected by November 27.
Again, if you prefer to make a donation, we will do the shopping for you. Make checks payable to St. Peter’s with Angel Tree 2020 in the memo line. Drop your check in the mailbox outside the Parish Hall as early as possible, but no later than November 27. Sue Addington and her team will take it from there.



W.W. Law Library Branch Manager Sandra McKiver

St. Peter's newest initiative encompasses the length of Waters Avenue . . . it includes all the cadres of Jesus' family that live along the way . . . our initial hope is to create relationships  with the people living in every block . . . engaging in conversations, which have already begun . . .

As members of the Outreach committee conduct a "listening tour" along Waters Avenue, we are meeting with those who are running schools, churches and social service organizations along the road from St. Peter's to the street's north end at Williams Elementary School. Our goal is to become neighbors, good neighbors, who have much to learn as we get to know one another. The insights that are coming out of these early conversations will help to shape our outreach and provide meaningful parish involvement. 

Contact Mal Welch at meredithwelch@gmail.com for more information.

Living Waters: A call for Legos!

The young people using the Live Oak Public Library at WW Law Community Center, which is located in the lowest income zip code in Savannah, have gone bonkers for constructing with Lego sets. A family foundation funded some, but their popularity meant that  kids were waiting in line to use them. St. Peter's parishioners responded with sets that their children and grandchildren had played with and the children of WW Law reaped a bounty of Lego blocks.

From the librarian at W.W.Law after getting the most recent Lego delivery: "The kids have really benefited in so many ways...their  social skills are improving greatly, they are not as shy and reserved as they once were when we have an unfamiliar guest; they know that you and your extended family care; you've helped to build confidence in their own ability when they accomplish LEGO projects; and most importantly, they have been exposed to kindness and generosity up close--a lesson that I pray they will take with them in life and practice towards others.
The kids had a wonderful afternoon with the new LEGOS.
. . . Thanks a million times over for "Building Dreams One Brick at a Time".

Do you have a Lego set, with all its pieces and the instruction manual? Do your children? If you or they are willing to part with them, bring them to the church office and we will get them to WW Law. Thanks!


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