All Programs will return when we can gather safely together again!

If you would like to sit in with the Chancel Choir or The Band or if you play an instrument, please let me know and I’ll do my best to find a way for you to take part in this very important ministry. Tim McKee, Director of Music Ministries 





The Music Academy asks you to please consider telling someone you know (a neighbor, a housekeeper) who has children (ages 7-12 years) about the program. Or, tell me and I will get information about the program to them. Music makes a profound, lasting impact on a young life.


Do you know that your church subsidizes the expense of music education for lower-income families? Do you know that emigrant children are excelling in music as well as academics at Hesse School, thanks in part to the Music Academy? How did they find out about the Music Academy? A parishioner told her housekeeper about us and the word began to spread.


Do you know that many successful people credit their participation in music as making the difference in their lives? Some who may surprise you include Mark Twain, Harry Truman, Albert Einstein and Neil Armstrong. There are few places in the world where a child can get the level of music training we offer for the cost (thanks to you), and the program is year-round. It’s not just a week-long camp; it’s not a one-time presentation with no follow up.


But the Music Academy is still Skidaway Island’s best-kept secret. It may sound idealistic to you, but you may have the ticket to a child’s success in life. As mentioned, I would ask YOU to tell someone you know who has children (ages 7-12 years) about the Music Academy. Think. Does your neighbor have children? Or do you know anyone in a service industry (lawn maintenance, house cleaning, anything?) who has children? If so, please tell them about our Music Academy.


Or, please tell me about someone you know and I will get information about the program to them, as in this flyer in Spanish, or this one in English.


With your help, St. Peter’s Church can continue to make a difference.

Tim McKee, Director of Music Ministries

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Make a Difference in a child's life at st. peter's

A Soundtrack for Life or you are what you listen to

Dear Parishioners,

I invite, yea, implore you to share your thoughts about music as part of our lives together

at St. Peter’s Church. Your input will help me as I go about the task of putting together the weekly

Sunday morning soundtrack;the music you hear during the prelude, the anthems the choir sings and

the hymns we all sing together.

Keep in mind that I try to choose music that relates to the lessons for the day and is appropriate for

the liturgical season. I also see it as my responsibility to offer a variety of music styles.

I am interested to know what you like and what you dislike, but, I truly wish to hear 1) why you prefer

(or don’t) certain songs, particular instruments, or musical styles and 2) why we have music in worship.

Tim McKee, Director of Music Ministries

St. peter's music ministries

Dr. Timothy McKee, Director of Music Ministries and the St. Peter's Chancel Choir

Music is integral to the parish life and outreach ministry of St. Peter’s Church. Our many volunteer musicians serve to make possible our worship, education, growth, and programs for the broader community. 

The Chancel Choir is the cornerstone of our music ministry and is deeply committed to the worship of God and the work of St. Peter’s Church. The choirs sing every Sunday for the 10 am service year-round, including the summer months as well as for services on Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Easter Day, Christmas Eve and the Lessons and Carols service. The Chancel Choir also sings for most memorial services for our parishioners and often represents St. Peter’s Church in community events such as the National Day of Prayer service.


The St. Peter's Band

During communion on a Sunday morning you may often hear The Band, our group of instrumentalists, leading contemporary music from our “Songs of Praise” supplemental songbook. You may be inspired by soloists or small ensembles singing sacred music or by our SPY youth who from time to time sing during communion.

The St. Peter’s Music Academy is a program of musical training for children ages 6 and older. See the Music Academy page for more information.


St. Peter's Music Academy Students

Each year, children are invited to take part in the Christmas Pageant. The final rehearsal is the Saturday morning before the Sunday afternoon pageant, which is usually the Sunday closest to Christmas Eve. 

The music ministry also administers the Community Concerts, a concert series which offers a diverse range of performances and musical experiences. The concerts are usually on a Sunday afternoon between October and March and are underwritten by donations.

If you would like to join any of the musical groups, or volunteer for the Music Academy, or contribute to the Community Concerts, or simply know more about the music ministry of St. Peter’s Church, please contact Tim McKee at 912-598-7242 ext. 5

Music Committee
Members:  Marilyn Sobke (Chair), Janet Creasman, Libbie Cluett, Doug Eberle, George Hubbs, Jill Petersen, John Sobke, Marilyn Sobke, Betty Stout and Carol Wheaton.