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What is The Episcopal Church?

"We may be firm in our faith or constantly questioning. We find our unity, not in a common consensus on all matters, but in a common journey toward God through the worship and ministry of our churches. What ties us together is our belief in the love of God, as found in Jesus." Read more about our history, worship, and ministry.

"We are a branch of Christianity, guided by our bishops, and served by our priests and deacons who support the work and witness of the majority of our ministers, the baptized members of our church."

What we believe

Baptism, Confirmation, Reception, or Reaffirmation

Should I be baptized, confirmed, received, or should I reaffirm my faith? (Short Answer)


Confirmation is appropriate for most people who have been baptized (initiated) in any church. In Confirmation, the Bishop prays that you will receive gifts of the Holy Spirit for ministry. It is a sacrament of empowerment for service or ordination to the laity. Confirmation also serves as a rite of membership in the Episcopal Church and in our parish in particular.

We receive anyone who has previously made an adult affirmation of faith. If you have been confirmed by a bishop in apostolic succession (i.e. if you are Roman Catholic, Orthodox or Swedish Lutheran) then you must elect to be received. Some people feel that confirmation somehow negates a previous commitment and ministry and prefer to receive the bishop’s laying on of hands with words of welcome rather than a prayer of empowerment. Being received into the Episcopal Church is primarily a rite of membership.

Some who are already Episcopalians choose to reaffirm their faith before the bishop. This is particularly appropriate at times of transition in your life; a new city, a new job, a new relationship, a return to the church after years away. This does not automatically confer membership in St. Peter’s, which is accomplished by requesting a letter of transfer from whichever parish currently holds your membership.

More Information (Long Answer)

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