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Proper 9 - Two by Two

Jesus moves on and begins to train his disciples. Two by two he sends them out to work in pairs, building their own relationships as they work with those who accept their ministry.

Little Church | July 7, 2024 | Proper 9

Lesson Recap:  Mark 6:1-13 Two by Two

Jesus and his friends had been traveling around the country. Now it was time for Jesus to send his friends out to do some of the work. Jesus knew that when two friends work together they can get more work done and they can support one another. So Jesus began to show his friends how to do this.


At home (bedtime, car rides, mealtime etc.):

Pray:  Thank you, Jesus, for showing friends how to work together. Thank you for friends who can work together to get things done. Amen.

Wonder Together-

·         I wonder if you work better with a partner?

·         I wonder how the disciples got what they needed (clothes, food, places to stay, etc.)?

·         I wonder how it felt when people didn’t listen to Jesus and his disciples?

·         I wonder if it was hard to keep talking to people even when they didn’t listen?

·         I wonder where you see yourself in this story?

·         I wonder what you liked best about this story?

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