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Proper 7 - Jesus in the Storm

In our Gospel lesson this week, Jesus is taking a nap on a pillow during a storm.

Little Church | June 23, 2024 | Proper 7

Lesson Recap:  Mark 4:35-41 Jesus in the Storm

Jesus said to the wind: "Peace! Be still." And the wind stopped. Jesus asked, "Why are you afraid?" Jesus friends were amazed. Even the WIND obeys Jesus.

At home (bedtime, car rides, mealtime etc.):

Pray:  Glorious and Adventurous God, thank you for your wonderful creation and for

the waters of life you have given us. Be with us as we hear about you and your disciples this

morning. Amen.

Wonder Together-

·       I wonder if you have ever been on a boat ride?

·       I wonder if you have ever been scared in a storm?

·       I wonder if you have ever slept through a storm?

·       I wonder if you prayed when you were scared and asked Jesus to be with you?

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