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Lent 3- The Ten Best Ways

This week, the third Sunday of Lent, we are learning about the Ten Commandments, or the Ten Best Ways. The story comes from Exodus when Moses is leading God's people through the wilderness.

Here is a paraphrased version of the Ten Commandments-- it's always important to help kids understand God's stories, and sometimes using simpler language helps. This is not to dilute the Bible, but rather it allows children to learn at their level. As always, we will do a lot of wondering to encourage curiousity about the story!

The Ten Best Ways

1.     Put God first

2.     Only worship God

3.     Be serious when you say God’s name

4.     Take one day, every week, to rest from work and play with God

5.     Listen to your parents

6.     Don’t hurt people

7.     Don’t cheat

8.     Don’t take things that belong to other people

9.     Always tell the truth

10.   Be thankful for the things you have

Here are some questions you can ask at home this week:

Lesson Recap: The Ten Best Ways (Exodus 20:1-7)

At home (bedtime, car rides, mealtime etc.):

Pray: Loving God, help us follow the ways you set out for us. Amen.

Wonder Together- I wonder which of The Ten Best Ways you like best?

I wonder which one is most important? I wonder which feels like it is especially for you?

I wonder what part of Moses’ story you liked best? I wonder what part of the story is most important? I wonder where you might or what you might be feeling be if you were in this story?

As always, we are learning to live Life with God together. And Life with God is good because God is good!

Peace to you this week,


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