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Tips and Hints for using Zoom:


To keep our Zoom meetings secure, please refer to emails received from St. Peter's for specific access numbers or contact Susanne O'Day, Parish Administrator, at or 912.598.7242

•    Here’s a short video that explains how to join a Zoom meeting. 

•    Test your video and audio here, before your meeting.

•    The simplest method for accessing a gathering, albeit with audio only, is to dial in from a cell phone using the phone number and Meeting ID.

•    For video and more complete engagement, download the zoom app to your smart phone or tablet. If you are using a computer, choose the appropriate download link, at

•    Especially the first time you use Zoom, call or log-in AT LEAST 15 minutes before start time in order to set up and get comfortable with the platform.

•    Turn OFF your microphone (unless you are called on to speak). There is a MUTE option (a red dash through a microphone) that you can click on to mute/unmute.

•    Turn ON your video. Video is crucial in building trust and engagement in virtual communications. Don’t skip this step just because you don’t love the way your hair looks today!

•    To communicate to the group, use the chat box function. On the sidebar, there is a chat room where you can type in questions or thoughts. The Moderator of each session (and all participants) can view this discussion. It is an easy way to communicate if you would like to “have the floor” to speak or have a small question/comment. 

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