About St. Peter's


"St. Peter's truly follows the number one teaching of Jesus, to love thy neighbor. Also, St. Peter's is filled with love and that love is what keeps me coming back week after week. Because of that love I feel a loss (on) the Sundays I do not attend and there is a void in my heart until I return."

"A welcoming and nourishing place, with many ways for anyone to be as involved as one would like. Warm and friendly congregation, clergy and staff. Beautiful space, thoughtful sermons, inspiring music."


"We are a community that welcomes all people, regardless of one's specific spiritual path/belief, race, sexual orientation, etc. We are open to new ideas and trying new things, both in our worship services and in our parish activities. Diversity is welcome here. Also, we are a giving congregation, one that strives to take care of its members as well as the broader community. We know how to throw a great party, eat well and have fun together. We support our youth. We make beautiful music together." 

"St. Peter's is serious in wanting to help you find a closer relationship to God, and is not just a religious community going through the motions." 

"The authenticity of the pastoral staff, sermons that speak to everyday life and give food for thought, and fine music program."

"Beautiful place to worship with kind individuals."