Christian formation

Food for the journey

Our Spiritual Formation and Christian Education efforts for now will need to be done individually and in small groups, mostly online. Kelly and I have our own gifts and speciality areas and we are blessed to have many others in the congregation with gifts for teaching meditation, leading small groups, teaching about prayer, leading Bible studies, and training others for service both inside and outside the church.

A weekly email, Food for the Journey, is intended to provide some of those resources, especially for our own personal study, reflection and growth. It will feature ideas, resources and teaching from members of the parish and from the clergy and staff. Typically, we will have one or two suggestions: food for our individual and our collective spiritual journeys. 

At St. Peters, we believe that Christian faith is a life-long process of learning and we are committed to providing every age group in our congregation with meaningful classes, discussion groups and resources. These offerings will begin in person once again,as soon as we can safely gather together.                                    --Hunt+


Our well-resourced Parish Library has a wealth of materials for the self-directed learner. The Parish Nursery is open for infants and toddlers (to 3 years old) from 8:45 - 11:45.

Parishioners gather in age-specific groups for faith formation and development using curricula that allows for families to share an experience, but using material that is age appropriate and accessible.

Presiding Bishop Curry has invited the whole church to take up The Way of Love, a “rule of life” focused on practices for Jesus-Centered Life. .