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Walking on Water

Little Church | Sunday, August 13, 2023

Have no fear: Jesus walks on water

Intro: Life with God is good because God is good. We sang “God is So Good” and learned a new song called “Peace Like a River”

Lesson Recap: Jesus walks on water, and the disciples acknowledge him as the Son of God (From Matthew 14:22-33)

At home (bedtime, car rides, mealtime etc.):

Ask- Do you ever feel afraid? Who did the disciples see on the water? What did Jesus say to the disciples? Who wanted to walk on the water? Why did he start to sink?

Say- Jesus is God’s Son, and he teaches us how to live life with God. He told his disciples, “do not be afraid” and teaches us how to have faith.

Wonder Together- I wonder how Jesus’ friends felt during the storm... I wonder why Peter wanted Jesus to call him out onto the water… I wonder what God is going to show us this week…

Pray- Thank you, Jesus, for helping us have faith and taking care of us when we are afraid. Amen.

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