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Proper 5 - Families

Sunday, June 9 is the third Sunday after Pentecost. I hope you were able to come up with some Sabbath ideas last week.

This week in the Gospel lesson from Mark, Jesus is talking about family. He said, “All of you, the people around me, you are my mother and my brothers. Those who follow me and my word and God’s will are my bothers and sisters and mother.”

We will make our family trees and talk about how sometimes we have friends that feel like family. And our church can also be family, too!

Little Church | June 9, 2024 | Proper 5

Lesson Recap:  Mark 3:20-35 – Jesus says we are his family. Sometimes we choose people who feel like family in addition to our given family.

At home (bedtime, car rides, mealtime etc.):

Pray: Loving God, thank you for the families you have given us and for the families we choose. Be with us as we explore what it means to be family that we might find you in new ways. Amen.

Wonder Together-

·       I wonder what you liked best about this story?

·       I wonder why there was a crowd to see Jesus?

·       I wonder what Jesus meant when he told all the people around him that they were all his family?

·       I wonder who you call family?

·       I wonder if there are any close friends you call family?

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