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Advent 3

Little Church | Sunday, December 17, 2023


Life with God is good because God is good.

Lesson Recap: We can be messengers like John the Baptist.

At home (bedtime, car rides, mealtime etc.):

Ask- What is important about being a messenger? What was the message of John the Baptist (Jesus is coming)? What is the message of Advent? What does the word “Advent” mean (coming)?

Say- The job of a messenger is to point to a message. We can be messengers for God!

Wonder - I wonder if you have ever been a messenger for someone else? I wonder what it is like to be a messenger? I wonder if it is hard to pass on someone else’s message?

Pray- Use the Advent Wreath booklet to pray this week! Alternately, you may pray: Loving God, Help us keep awake, watch, and be alert. Help us prepare for your coming. Amen.

Activity- Play “telephone” as a family or with friends.

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