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GUEST SIGN UP for FOYER POTLUCK DINNERS for Kathleen and Te Turner

In March, St. Peter's welcomes our new Music Director, Kathleen Turner, and her husband, Te, in a series of small Foyer potlucks for 8-10 at host homes. It's a great way to share interesting experiences with fellow parishioners and to celebrate Kathleen and Te's recent arrival in Savannah. The choir has their potluck dinner on March 13. We now have hosts for each of the dates. For non-choir parishioners who wish to come as guests, please send an email to with the following: names of those participating, phone, email address plus ALL the dates from the list below which work for you. Participants will be emailed the date and location of their potluck as soon as each date is filled. All participating must be fully vaccinated/boosted since these socials are unmasked in homes. All the potlucks begin at 6 pm with menu selections coordinated by the host who is preparing the main entre.  Dates available:
Sunday, March 6
Friday, March 11
Saturday, March 19
Sunday, March 27

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