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All Saints Day

Everybody knows All Hallow’s Eve is October 31, but what do you know about All Hallow’s DAY, November 1? All Hallow’s Day, called All Saints Day in the Episcopal Church, is the day when we remember on the great cloud of witnesses, the communion of the saints who’ve gone before us and, with their lives, pointed to Christ. 
Continuing from last year, St. Peter’s is providing a meaningful opportunity to mark the day with times for quiet, candlelit meditation in the church. From 7-9 AM, from 1-2 PM, and from 4-5 PM on November 1, the church doors will be open for any who would like a place of stillness to give thanks for and remember those who have died, whether they be saints of the church or saints of one’s life. We will also host an All Saint's Eucharist at 6 PM in the church the evening of November 1.

To represent the great cloud of witnesses, you are invited to bring framed photos, and/or icons with you to leave in the church until Sunday, November 6, when we commemorate all of the saints in our common worship.
What we need from you:

  1. Bring framed photos of loved ones who have died (unframed is fine too) or icons to the office. To ensure they get back to you, please make sure that the back of the frame/photo has your name/contact info on it. Be prepared to leave them at church until after the 10:15 service on Sunday, November 6.

  2. Invite friends and neighbors who might find it meaningful to stop by.

  3. Bring yourself to mark the day as well!

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